DEI Resources

BAPA and the DEI committee are committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural humility through its leadership, speakers, continuing education, technology/marketing, membership events, and resources.

DEI and mental health are intertwined. Through professional development and community building, BAPA and the DEI committee seek to help improve mental health outcomes and psychological well-being in the community, and reduce social inequalities caused, and perpetuated, by systems of oppression or injustice.

This is a list of Bay Area and national DEI Resources. This is not an exhaustive list — if you have resources that you would like to see added, please click here.

Interracial cheerful group of happy women sitting at a park bench and enjoying one another's company.

Local DEI Resources

San Mateo County Health, Office of Diversity & Equity
Office of Diversity & Equity (ODE) – San Mateo County Health

List of BIPOC Mental Health Resources in SF Bay Area
NAMI SF Mental Health Resource Guide for Culturally Diverse Populations

LGBTQIA+ Resources

  • Queer LifeSpace: Sliding-scale therapy in SF for LGBTQ people, by LGBTQ people. May be able to recommend resources in other areas.
  • Pride Counseling: offers online therapy to members of the LGBTQ+ communities. This service features counselors who not only specialize in helping people who are LGBTQ+, they also have experience with a range of issues including stress, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, trauma, relationships, self-esteem, and interpersonal conflicts.
  • OutCare Health: find an LGBTQ+ provider (mental health and medical)
  • PFLAG was the first organization devoted to helping parents, families, and allies support LGBTQ+ people. Today, the organization supports a network of more than 400 local chapters found throughout the United States. Through their site, you can locate or even start a local chapter of the support organization.
  • Q Chat Space allows LGBTQ+ teens to participate in online support groups that are professionally facilitated. All members are verified and the facilitators guide conversations and enforce group rules to ensure safety. The site also offers an option for Spanish-speaking LBGTQ+ youth.