Get Involved at BAPA

Would you like to get to know more colleagues in our field, deepen your professional connections, enhance your referral stream, and do something good for the community?

BAPA members can join a Committee or the Board of Directors. Benefits include:

  • A chance to make a positive impact in your professional community.
  • There are many ways to pitch in without making a big time commitment.
  • No prior board experience is needed. We will support you in getting up and running in any position.
  • Free membership to BAPA and CPA (gold level membership).
  • Board and committee activities count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • You can co-chair a position or be on a committee.
  • Get established or deepen your professional connections. Increase referrals and resources.

If you are interested in helping out with one of these committees or on the board, or if you would like to learn more, please click here to email our admin. Please include the position that you are interested in and any questions in your email. We look forward to working with you!

Board of Director Positions


The President serves as presiding officer of BAPA. As president, you will serve a 1 year term, set the agenda and run Board meetings, and generally oversee the efficient functioning of BAPA as an organization. This is a position that has the potential to have a huge and wonderful impact. If you are a person with ideas, this is a wonderful position for you!

Past President

The Past President is the retiring President. You will serve a one-year term as Past President in order to provide continuity in the affairs of BAPA. Past President provides support across committees as needed, steps in to cover for the President as-needed, and often takes on a project or initiative to support/enhance BAPA.


The President Elect is the incoming President. This is a one year term to learn the role of the President, and offer support to other BAPA committees and initiatives.


The Secretary serves a two (2) year term and helps with the following: keeping minutes of BAPA Board meetings, issuing calls and notices of meetings.


The Treasurer serves a two (2) year term as the chief fiscal officer of BAPA and oversees the finances, accounts, and investments of BAPA. The Treasurer will prepare with the President an annual budget for the association, keep accurate records of BAPA’s finances, and prepare an annual end of year financial report for BAPA. The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of any revenues accrued by BAPA, and will pay all bills and expenses incurred by the association.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair serves a two (2) year term and will develop strategies to recruit and retain psychologists and other Bay Area mental health professionals to become BAPA members. The Membership Chair is responsible for setting policies regarding the application process and oversee the annual membership drive. This is a great way to meet colleagues and help build a vibrant BAPA community.

Education Chair

The Education Chair serves a two (2) year term and is responsible for developing and promoting educational workshops, talks, and events for the professional development of BAPA members. The Education Chair is responsible for developing programs that satisfy the California Board of Psychology’s requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The Education Chair may form a committee of interested BAPA members to achieve these goals and will work with association staff to apply for CPD credits, promote events, and collect revenues.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Chair(s)

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Chair serves a two (2) year term and will be responsible for developing programs and activities to enhance BAPA members’ knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusion issues and to ensure BAPA’s involvement with relevant diversity and inclusion issues in Bay Area communities. The DEI Chair(s) will also be the lens to ensure that BAPA welcomes members of all genders, gender identities, races, religions, ethnicities, cultures, national origins, ages, sexual orientations, disabilities, languages or socioeconomic status.

Student Representative

The Student Representative is appointed by the President for a one (1) year academic term, and is responsible for representing graduate students throughout the region on the Board of Directors.


Provides education, and increased awareness of issues of diversity, compassion fatigue, self-care, secondary traumatization, prevention, and early intervention.

Works with the Red Cross and the San Mateo / Santa Clara Board of Health Medical Volunteers organization and provides referrals for emergency situations.

Addresses diversity, equity and inclusion questions and concerns as they relate to the practice of psychology. There is a focus on education and training to increase understanding of differences and increase equity and inclusion for ourselves and our client-population.

Provides programming, resources, and support that facilitate early career development.

Plans CPD training programs for BAPA members. This involves coming up with interesting ideas for trainings, finding qualified speakers, planning events, and more. This is a vital and fun committee to be part of!

Educates colleagues and the general public about the ethical principles of psychologists and responds to specific complaints against BAPA members.

Seeks to improve the quality of forensic psychological services offered to individual clients and the legal system, and thereby enhance forensic psychology as a discipline and profession.

Is alert to legislative actions or proposals that may affect the interests of psychology in general or of BAPA in particular. This committee brings these legislative actions/proposals to the attention of the Board and, if appropriate, to BAPA members. This committee also serves as a local liaison with the California Psychological Association (CPA) LAN committee (state connection).

Seeks to create mentorship opportunities between psychologists seeking a mentor. As an experienced psychologist, this is a wonderful way to give back. For any psychologist seeking to make a change in your way of practicing, field of specialty, or new to the field, this is a great way to get support and guidance on your path ahead.

Responsible for representing graduate students throughout the county and greater Bay Area on the Board of Directors. This committee can offer input from a student perspective on BAPA initiatives, has a budget for student networking events, and you will have a chance to build wonderful professional connections.